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How does Soccer-Rating.com work?

Each day we analyse bookmaker's odds and convert 1x2 odds into a standard rating.

For example imagine odds like:

  1 X 2
Football Ratings Spain   Real Madrid - Athletic Bilbao 1.40 4.00 7.15

These 1x2 odds will be converted into a rating which will eventually result in:

Team Rating
1x2 Football Ratings   Real Madrid 2379.38
1x2 Ratings Spain   Athletic Bilbao 2116.77

The idea is simple:
Bookmaker's odds represent a known, relative strength of two teams. Our site is transferring this given relative strength into an absolute value which is much easier to compare, analyse and interpret.
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What is it good for?

You can use ratings to compare strength of teams, to compare leagues or even to improve soccer bets. If you bet, it's important to know how the team is rated by bookmakers.

Basic rules are:
If you believe, a team is underrated in our rating lists, you should back this team.
If you believe, a team is overrated in our rating lists, you should lay this team.

Check the Rating Lists!

We provide all first leagues in Europe and also many lower leagues. Just choose a country to see current ratings - based on bookmaker's odds.


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Free Bets

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Live Scores

To check live scores of almost all leagues offered here, please visit:
Live Scores or Soccer Results
A fast service for live football scores and latest football results from FlashScores.co.uk.
Countries Best Rating
Spain Spain2459.73
Germany Germany2290.06
Portugal Portugal2282.02
England England2277.22
Italy Italy2259.03
France France2251.71
Austria Austria2223.90
Ukraine Ukraine2220.84
Russia Russia2177.15
Sweden Sweden2143.08

Europe Top-Ratings
FC BarcelonaSpain2459.73
Real MadridSpain2379.38
Atletico MadridSpain2301.69
FC Bayern MünchenGermany2290.06
FC PortoPortugal2282.02
Manchester CityEngland2277.22
Chelsea FCEngland2270.76
Juventus TorinoItaly2259.03
Paris Saint-GermainFrance2251.71
VfL WolfsburgGermany2250.11
Benfica LisboaPortugal2245.26
Borussia DortmundGermany2243.28
Bayer LeverkusenGermany2240.26
Arsenal FCEngland2236.84
SSC NapoliItaly2236.22
Manchester UnitedEngland2228.47
Red Bull SalzburgAustria2223.90
Shakhtar DonezkUkraine2220.84
Liverpool FCEngland2217.12
Sevilla FCSpain2190.31

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