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1x2 Odds Analysis, Football Predictions

We analyse bookmaker's odds and convert 1x2 odds into a rating.

For example imagine odds like:

  1 X 2
Football Ratings Spain   Real Madrid - Athletic Bilbao 1.40 4.00 7.15

1x2 odds will be converted into a rating which will eventually result in:

Team Odds
1x2 Football Ratings   Real Madrid 2429.35
1x2 Ratings Spain   Athletic Bilbao 2152.12

Notice that most other rating systems use results as a rating factor. We take odds and make visible what odds express in absolute numbers.


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Soccer Betting Tips

Daily free soccer predictions! Negative numbers show advised bets on home win, positive numbers on away win.
All bold teams are possible soccer betting tips.
Teams with a star should be avoided.

Op. Odds
Prediction 1X2TipOdds
-4FR Uzbekistan - Lebanon  1.673.405.5011.67
-24FR Iran - Trinidad & Tobago  1.354.608.7511.35

23EN Kazakhstan - Latvia  1.623.506.0026.00

6FR Kuwait - Bahrain  2.352.903.3023.30
3FR Poland - Czech Republic  1.753.605.0025.00
15FR Israel - Guatemala  1.305.508.7528.75

13EN Andorra - Georgia  10.504.331.3521.35
9EN Luxembourg - Belarus  2.553.102.8022.80
15EN San Marino - Moldova
12EN Belgium - Iceland  1.206.2513.00213.00
-8EN Croatia - Spain  3.603.302.0513.60
17EN Hungary - Estonia  1.424.607.7527.75
22EN Greece - Finland  1.803.205.0025.00
-40EN Austria - Bosnia-Herzegovina  1.953.403.8011.95

-24FR Germany - Russia  1.404.607.2511.40
-22FR Ireland - Northern Ireland
-4FR England - USA  1.355.008.0011.35

Rising Odds
Dropping Odds
Team is rated stronger by bookmakers and has lower odds than in rounds before.
BoldTeam is rated weaker by bookmakers and has higher odds than in rounds before.
Ratings influenced by recent cup games

Negative Rating = Home WinPositive Rating = Away Win
Home Win         Odds Rating         Away Win
Strong BetNo BetStrong Bet

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