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Portugal Liga de Honra Ratings
1.Moreirense FCPT21830.78
2.SC FarensePT21800.92
3.Academico ViseuPT21788.64
4.CF EstrelaPT21786.19
5.CD TondelaPT21749.62
6.FC PenafielPT21741.73
7.CD MafraPT21741.21
8.UD VilafranquensePT21733.22
9.FC Porto IIPT21732.81
10.SCU TorreensePT21730.36
11.CD FeirensePT21726.78
12.CD TrofensePT21711.51
13.Leixoes MatosinhosPT21710.41
14.UD OliveirensePT21696.46
15.Benfica Lisboa IIPT21694.41
16.Nacional MadeiraPT21678.93
17.SC CovilhaPT21670.56
18.Belenenses SADPT21644.97
Leagues Average Rating
1.Super Liga1968.61
2.Liga de Honra1731.64

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General Ratings

Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds. This rating list shows strength rated by bookmakers.
If you believe a team is underrated, you should back it.
If you believe a team is overrated, you should lay it.
Available Odds
Portugal Liga de HonraPortugal Liga de Honra1X2
01/04 8PT2CD Trofense - SC Farense 2.703.102.35
01/04 6PT2CD Mafra - Benfica Lisboa II 1.873.603.40
01/04 9PT2Moreirense FC - CD Feirense 1.753.503.90
01/04 -3PT2UD Oliveirense - CD Tondela 2.503.102.55
02/04 19PT2Leixoes Matosinhos - Academico Viseu 2.553.202.45
02/04 -6PT2Belenenses SAD - SCU Torreense 2.803.002.35
02/04 24PT2SC Covilha - CF Estrela 2.953.202.20
02/04 -7PT2UD Vilafranquense - Nacional Madeira 1.903.203.60
03/04 17PT2FC Penafiel - FC Porto II2.153.103.00
Opening OddsDropping OddsAvailable Odds
Opening Odds
Portugal Liga de HonraPortugal Liga de Honra1X2
01/04 -9PT2CD Trofense - SC Farense 3.403.102.00
01/04 9PT2CD Mafra - Benfica Lisboa II1.853.303.60
01/04 10PT2Moreirense FC - CD Feirense1.803.204.10
01/04 1PT2UD Oliveirense - CD Tondela2.403.002.70
02/04 12PT2Leixoes Matosinhos - Academico Viseu2.803.002.30
02/04 -9PT2Belenenses SAD - SCU Torreense 2.853.102.25
02/04 18PT2SC Covilha - CF Estrela3.203.102.05
02/04 -2PT2UD Vilafranquense - Nacional Madeira 1.823.303.90
03/04 16PT2FC Penafiel - FC Porto II2.203.003.00
Opening OddsDropping OddsAvailable Odds
Dropping Odds
Portugal Liga de HonraPortugal Liga de Honra1X2
01/04 2PT2CD Trofense - SC Farense 2.853.202.20
01/04 4PT2CD Mafra - Benfica Lisboa II 1.933.403.30
01/04 7PT2Moreirense FC - CD Feirense 1.823.253.90
01/04 -3PT2UD Oliveirense - CD Tondela 2.552.952.60
02/04 14PT2Leixoes Matosinhos - Academico Viseu 2.753.002.37
02/04 -5PT2Belenenses SAD - SCU Torreense 2.753.002.37
02/04 20PT2SC Covilha - CF Estrela
02/04 -5PT2UD Vilafranquense - Nacional Madeira 1.883.203.70
03/04 14PT2FC Penafiel - FC Porto II
Opening OddsDropping OddsAvailable Odds

Ratings are based on previous 1x2 odds. Bet home win with negative numbers, away win with positive numbers.
 Rising Odds      Dropping Odds
Bold Team has higher odds than in rounds before.
 Advice: We always suggest a bet on bold teams.
 Team has lower odds than in rounds before.
  Ratings influenced by recent cup games
     Advised bet on bold team.

Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds and show strength rated by bookmakers.

Top Players ∅ 65∅  MP/GP
#1 Samuel Soares (GK)6418/0Benfica Lisboa II
#2 Arthur Chaves (DF)6621/1Academico Viseu
#3 Joao Mendes (DF)6424/3FC Porto II
#4 Rafael Rodrigues (DF)6123/0Benfica Lisboa II
#5 Martim Neto (MF)6311/0Benfica Lisboa II
#6 Gonçalo Franco (MF)6324/3Moreirense FC
#7 Vasco Sousa (MF)6521/0FC Porto II
#8 Cher Ndour (MF)7023/4Benfica Lisboa II
#9 Silvestre Varela (ST)6410/0FC Porto II
#10 Abraham Marcus (ST)6421/8FC Porto II
#11 André Clovis (ST)6925/20Academico Viseu
Liga de Honra
Injuries & Suspensions
Susp. Inj.MPGPMatch
1.Leixoes Matosinhos LDL0   000-19
2.Nacional Madeira LDW0   000-7
3.CF EstrelaWDD0   000+24
4.Belenenses SADLLW0   000+6
5.CD Trofense LDL0   000-8
6.CD FeirenseWWL0   000+9
7.Moreirense FC WWW0   000-9
8.UD OliveirenseLLD0   000+3
9.SC Covilha LWL0   000-24
10.SCU Torreense LWD0   000-6
11.CD Mafra WWD0   000-6
12.CD Tondela LWD0   000-3
13.FC Porto IIWLD0   000+17
14.UD VilafranquenseDDW0   000+7
15.FC Penafiel DLD0   180-17
16.Academico ViseuWLD0   1103+19
17.Benfica Lisboa IIWLL0   1110+6
18.SC FarenseWDW0   1141+8

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