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Top 5 Spanish Clubs with Gambling Partners

The Spanish La Liga is one of the best football leagues in the world, right next to the Premier League in England. With such reputation and popularity, the best football clubs in the league are bound to attract profitable sponsorship, and what more profitable in today’s world than gambling?

Football and gambling have always gone hand in hand. Whether it’s the regular sport bets or the various AustralianCasinoClub.com pokies that fans choose, at one point or another they are likely to enjoy some profitable leisure games, which makes football teams one of the best domains to advertise and promote a gambling business.

However, not everyone can get a piece of the action, as only the best of teams attract good sponsorships. And who are the best in Spain? Well, here are the top 5, each with their own gambling partner:

Real Madrid & Bwin
If you are one of the best clubs in La Liga with over 32 titles in the league and 2 UEFA cups, you are bound to attract profitable partnerships because your matches attract millions of football fans and hundreds of thousands of punters. Real Madrid’s proud Gaming and Betting Partner is Bwin – an e-gaming company based in Gibraltar that offers both casino games and live bets and the same company behind their shirt sponsorship of 2007. Up until 2013, Bwin paid Real Madrid around £26.6 million each year to have their name on the club’s shirts, before they were outbid by the Emirates Airline with a £29 million contract. However, Bwin still remain the club’s official Gaming and Betting Partner.

Barcelona & Betfair
The ink is still not completely dry on this latest gambling partnership, but it’s already gathering massive attention from the online world and to no surprise. Betfair became one of the largest gambling magnates after joining forces with Paddy Power to become a now estimated £6 billion business. With such powerful grip on the market, it’s not strange that they turned to one of the most recognizable teams on the planet – FC Barcelona. The contract ends after the 2018-19 season and the exact value is still a mystery, but one thing is for sure, the partnership will definitely increase the exposure of Betfair’s betting services to football fans across the globe.

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Sevilla FC & TitanBet
After winning the UEFA cup for the last two seasons, Sevilla FC seemed like the right choice for one of the largest betting and casino games providers – Titanbet. Titanbet already had a secure hold of the online gambling market, especially in the UK where they have a large presence, but their Spanish customer base needed a small boost so they decided to partner with one of the most promising football teams in Spain. The contract was signed for an undisclosed amount and a period of only two years – the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons – during which there will be a number of casino and betting promotions for Sevilla fans on the website, but also other media exposures of Titanbet and Sevilla FC together. Whatever their promotions, the company will surely see a higher influx of Spanish punters.

Athletico Madrid & Plus 500
Although not a gambling company in the “traditional” sense of the word, Plus 500 is a spread betting company that deals with price movement trading in hundreds of different markets, like shares, currencies, etc. Their 2015 deal with Athletico Madrid was met with a bit of a shock in the financial world because the company was under strict regulation from The Financial Conduct Authority for the presence of money-laundering accounts on their platform, but also in the process of being acquired by one of the largest casino game developers Playtech when it made the deal. Still, Athletico Madrid accepted the partnership for the seasons of 2015/16 and 2016/17 and can be seen wearing the Plus 500 logo still. Will this turn out to be one of the many pre-bankruptcy sponsorship deals with football clubs we are yet to see.

Atletico Bilbao & KirolBet

Atletico Bilbao’s maiden voyage into betting partnerships started last September, when they signed a deal with KirolBet, a Spanish betting provider that operates in the Basque region where the club is also based. The exact amount for the sponsorship deal is undisclosed, but the team will wear the KirolBet logo on their shorts for the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons. The decision to accept KirolBet’s offer instead of the ones from other betting providers was reached due to the club’s everlasting loyalty to the Basque region from where they’ve always drafted their players, as they believed that KirolBet had the right dedication to improve football in the region.


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