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Gambling on the Premier League in 2017

When it comes to gambling, we all have only two choices that can match all our needs in terms of wins, thrills, and practicality - we can either go for an online casino and spin some slots, or we can hit our favorite bookmaker and turn our love for sports into profit. Now, casinos may be a pretty solid choice - just check out the review of Yako Casino and you’ll see what I mean - but they’ll never appeal as much to us as sport bets. And when it comes to sport betting, one of the biggest events of the year is the Premier League, where UK’s largest clubs will once again fight for the title, while the rest of us will sit back in a nerve-wracking trance and hope to see our teams score and our betting tickets make it rain. So, if you’re interested in joining one of the largest betting events this year, take a look at this season’s odds:

Enter the Changes
A lot has changed from last year, when the underdogs Leicester City surprisingly took home the title in a season where most major clubs were seriously underperforming. However, this year is going to be less full of surprises as serious changes were made during the summer. Unlike last year, Arsenal are getting a good striker, Manchester United have Mourinho as manager and both Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic as reinforcements, Tottenham signed Janssen and Wanyama, Liverpool are doing an overhaul on their team and mindset, Chelsea have Conte and some of the best transfers in the season, and Manchester City have one of the best, if not the best, managers in football. With such dramatic shifts made to iron out last year’s bumps and dents, this Premier League season will be all about great football and tough competition.

The Early Odds
First on the list is the Outright Winner Table, where the odds for the teams most likely to leave home with the cup are projected. The table is as follows:

Outright Winner of the Premier League Cup Odds

Unsurprisingly, this year’s favorites are Manchester City, due to their new management and team changes, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal close behind. Arsenal and Chelsea have almost identical odds against all tables, so do Liverpool and Tottenham, which means that the teams will most likely fight for the same positions on the final table. Last year’s winners Leicester City are believed to have little chances of repeating their success and have sunk to the 7th spot on the table.

Premier League Top 4 Odds:

Looking at the top 4 odds, City, United, Arsenal, and Chelsea are most likely to take the top 4 spots, with Tottenham and Liverpool possibly fighting for the fourth spot as the next most likely contenders. West Ham is most likely to finish in the 8th spot, where every table projects them. Out of all top teams, Arsenal and Chelsea will be most tied, followed by City and United, and Tottenham and Liverpool.

Premier League Straight Forecast Odds:

Looking at the straight forecast odds, the first two spots are most likely to go to Manchester City and United, and even though these odds don’t particularly favor the first combination, Manchester City are most likely to take the cup home this year. The fight for the second place is most likely to be among Manchester United and Chelsea, with United having the higher odds.

Tricast Betting Odds

And finally, the tricast odds paint a similar picture, with Chelsea and Arsenal most likely to be fighting for the third spot. Out of the two, Chelsea have seen more titles in both the past decade and overall through history, but their last year’s poor scores shook their odds a bit. However, following their summer transfers and their new manager’s focus on eradicating errors this year, Chelsea look like they will be having the upper hand, while Tottenham will most likely fight for the fourth spot with Arsenal but still finish fifth.


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