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Strategy Creator | Football Betting Strategy
Create Betting Strategies and find your bets here.
Time Range: 12 - 48 hours before start of the match. Odds are easy to find, all leagues!

Betting Picks | Free Soccer Betting Picks
Check Free Betting Picks online or by newsletter.
Time Range: 24 hours on website, 48 hours with newsletter. Only major/medium leagues.

Football Odds Calculator
Estimate True Odds and Fair Odds for real or fantasy Football Bets!

Lucky Bets
Cool & Clever Bets: Combo Bets (Accumulators) featured here!

Betting Picks Widget
Created for webmasters:
A tiny Betting Widget for your website, your friends or your own satisfaction.

Strange Odds
Fast Dropping Odds, different motivation, financial problems and other catastrophes.
Check it here!

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