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Oxford United (W)
Country: England Women   League:   Cups:UWCUP
Rating Total:1560.72Rating Home:1600.00Rating Away:1521.45
Oxford United (W) is ranked #18 in England Women and #1795 in World.
Teams of same strength are Malacca United (1560.77) and Jenin (1560.72).
Oxford United (W) Prediction & Betting Advice
04/04   UWCUPCardiff City LFC (W)
Oxford United (W)
Opening Odds Rating (OO) 676.23 (4.10) 676.23 (1.55)
First Odds Move
Dropping Odds
Available Odds Rating (AO) 676.23 (4.10) 676.23 (1.55)
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Odds Calculator 1,891.53 Fair 1.24 Fair
Team Ratings (H/A) 0.00 1273.91
No Cup Influence
Form Last 3 Games 0 P., 0:0 () 0 P., 0:0 ()

Prediction: 1/10 4/10
Oxford United (W) (1273.91) is favorite against Cardiff City LFC (W) (0.00) according to ratings from last round.

Betting Tip:
Bet on (2) Oxford United (W) (Stake 3/10) with odds 1.55.
Fair Odds seem to be Cardiff City LFC (W) (1,891.53) and Oxford United (W) (1.24).
Oxford United (W) is underrated by bookmakers.

  Matches Oxford United (W) 1 X 2 Odds Home/Away Res.
Cardiff City LFC (W) - Oxford United (W)4.104.501.554.10

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