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Germany Regionalliga Nordost Ratings
1.Energie CottbusDE4NO1882.56
2.Wacker NordhausenDE4NO1780.78
3.BFC Dynamo BerlinDE4NO1744.11
4.1. FC Lokomotive LeipzigDE4NO1654.22
5.Berliner AK 07DE4NO1640.35
6.SV Babelsberg 03DE4NO1622.47
7.ZFC MeuselwitzDE4NO1620.81
8.BFC Viktoria 1889DE4NO1620.12
9.VfB Auerbach 1906DE4NO1607.89
10.Hertha BSC Berlin IIDE4NO1606.18
11.Germania HalberstadtDE4NO1605.13
12.FSV Union FürstenwaldeDE4NO1599.76
13.FC Oberlausitz NeugersdorfDE4NO1598.74
14.VSG AltglienickeDE4NO1581.16
15.FSV Budissa BautzenDE4NO1520.65
16.BSG Chemie LeipzigDE4NO1520.22
17.TSG NeustrelitzDE4NO1465.95
18.FSV 63 LuckenwaldeDE4NO1364.80
Leagues Average Rating
1.1. Bundesliga2147.94
2.2. Bundesliga1913.82
3.3. Liga1762.51
4.Regionalliga Südwest1690.39
5.Regionalliga West1678.96
6.Regionalliga Nord1663.06
7.Regionalliga Bayern1629.62
8.Regionalliga Nordost1613.11
9.Oberliga Hamburg1546.15
10.Oberliga Baden-Württemberg1526.58
11.Oberliga Hessen1526.56
12.Oberliga Mittelrhein1525.55
13.Oberliga Niederrhein1515.56
14.Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar1507.51
15.Oberliga Schleswig Holstein1505.36
16.Oberliga Bayern Nord1503.77
17.Oberliga Bayern Süd1500.58
18.Oberliga Niedersachsen1495.09
19.Oberliga NOFV-Süd1487.80
20.Oberliga Westfalen1450.63
21.Oberliga NOFV-Nord1384.93

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Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds. This rating list shows strength rated by bookmakers.
If you believe a team is underrated, you should back it.
If you believe a team is overrated, you should lay it.
Available Odds
Germany Regionalliga NordostGermany Regionalliga Nordost1X2
13/12 -5DE4NO1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig - Berliner AK 07 2.103.303.00

Ratings are based on previous 1x2 odds. Bet home win with negative numbers, away win with positive numbers.
 Rising Odds      Dropping Odds
Bold Team has higher odds than in rounds before.
 Advice: We always suggest a bet on bold teams.
 Team has lower odds than in rounds before.
  Ratings influenced by recent cup games
     Advised bet on bold team.

Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds and show strength rated by bookmakers.

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