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Long-Term Bets: A way to beat bookies?

In August the new football season 2017/ 2018 will finally start in all Top 4 Leagues.

England's Premier League and Spain's La Liga will both start in the weekend of 12/13 August.
Italian Serie A & Germany's Bundesliga follow just one week later at 19/20 August.

It means now is a very good time to place your long-term bets!

Yes, of course in this season your favorite club has the best team since years with all these new great signings!
And you are sure that THIS TIME they will finally win the championship!
You can gamble about it with your friends for a free beer. Or you can accept the challenge bookmakers offer to you ... and be a little bit more serious.

A new football season is always a little bit like Christmas & New Year's Eve all together.

You are very excited about it. You are probably going to make some resolutions like at New Year.
>> And there are even some presents to grab! <<

For the new season 2017/2018 you can:

There are lot of betting options available over internet. You can bet on your favorite teams this football season. So make sure you read team reviews and players and teams recent form to increase your odds of winning bets. I also recommend to learn about the best mobile betting apps which get more and more popular. You can check the best Android and iOS apps here.

schalke (0) v CHELSEA (0)

Are long-term bets a good or bad idea?

Here I remember a supposed-to-be joke from the new sponsor of RW Essen (Germany Regionalliga).
The sponsor - a bookmaker - wrote at facebook to make fun about the local rival Schalke 04:
Odds to win the German Bundesliga for Schalke 04 in the season 17/18 are 75.00! Who isn't familiar with betting: It means if you stake 100,00 Euro at Schalke 04, you will lose 100,00 Euro.

To be honest I couldn't laugh about this joke. Because it simply isn't true. Even if you bet at 500.00 odds, it can be a good bet (if fair odds are 300.00, it's a great bet for sure).

If you want to make money from betting, a very important rule is:
You can only make money if you accept to risk and lose money. The more risk you take, the bigger is your payout in the long-run.

In long-term bets we have very high odds and awful many options - depending on the number of teams in the league. Yes, it's possible to make money from long-term bets. Provided that you know your business!

Long-Term bets: Favorites or Underdogs?

It doesn't matter. Only bet at teams that you know very well! I mean very, very well. Your favorite club isn't the worst idea, but try to see it realistic and not as a fan.
If you can find greater odds than you think it's fair: Take it! Also compare odds from different bookmakers and take best odds available. This is important to make the bookmaker overround as narrow as possible.

The Ultimate Example

Finally two words: Leicester City!
We all remember the fantastic 2015/16 season in Premier League, do we?

It may not happen again in England, but this time in Germany, Italy or Spain. Well, perhaps not Spain. :-)

It's important to know that Bundesliga will have the glorious video referee (you remember it from Confed Cup) in all games starting from round 1). This will surely make some confusion, ironically in contrast to better decisions.

Bayern doesn't look that strong this season. Dortmund has a new coach.

Maybe ... Schalke?

Good Luck!

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