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UEFA Champions League 2015 Prediction

1 March 2015

To win the UEFA Champions League is considered to be the most important international club trophy in Europe - and probably in the world. Now the first legs of knockout round have been played with a few surprises.

Who will win the UEFA Champions League 2015?
Starting with the favorites we can name three teams:

RatingWH Odds*
1.FC Bayern Munich2453.243.50
2.Real Madrid2450.123.75
3.FC Barcelona2423.994.33
* William Hill Online Betting Odds 1 March 2015

William Hill Online Betting

The two Spanish giants have been able to win their first leg away. Barcelona won 2:1 vs. Manchester City and Real Madrid impressed with a comfortable 2:0 win against Schalke. Bayern Munich surprised with a 0:0 vs. Shaktjor Donezk, but the Bavarians should do the job in their second leg at home.
Probably all three favorites will reach the quarter-finals as expected.

If you like favorites, I think that Bayern Munich is the best choice. They are little superior in team strength (2453 rating):
Lots of Bayern players like Neuer, Schweinsteiger or Müller have won the World Cup 2014 in Brazil! In last 3 years Bayern has reached two times the Champions League finals, yet last year they failed and have been eliminated in the semi-finals in a humiliating 0:5 defeat on aggregate against Real Madrid. The Germans will be eager to make it better this year.
Bayern Munichs coach Pep Guardiola looks to be the right man for a match vs. FC Barcelona, title holders Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid in semi-finals or finals.

Another more practical reason is: The finals 2015 will be held in Olympiastadion Berlin.

Berlin - Olympiastadion by Jorbasa, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License   by  Jorbasa 

Olympiastadion Berlin: Advantage for the Germans?

However, there are still 16 teams competing in the UEFA Champions League. 16 teams have advanced from group stage to knockout stage and all these teams can win the prestigious competition - a bit of luck in draws for quarter-finals and semi-finals and in their KO-matches provided.

The English competitors will have a tough job though: Arsenal has lost 1:3 at home vs. Monaco, Manchester City has to face FC Barcelona. Only Chelsea looks strong enough to advance against Paris St. Germain, but quartel-finals or semi-finals might be the last round for The Blues.

I prefer to take Juventus Torino and FC Porto as underdogs to win the Champions League 2015.

Italian champions Juventus Torino and FC Porto from Portugal have both a good chance to reach the quartel-finals. In second leg of last-16, Porto needs just a win or 0:0 at home against FC Basel (Basel has sold lots of players in winter) and Juve can defend a 2:1 vs. Borussia Dortmund (Dortmund with bad results in Bundesliga). In quarter-finals teams like Bayer Leverkusen or AS Monaco could be waiting while it's possible that Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have to face and eliminate each other. William Hill Online Betting offers attractive odds for all 3 teams.

Prediction to win the Champions League 2015:

RatingWH Odds*
1.FC Bayern Munich2453.243.50
2.Juventus Torino2294.1026.00
3.FC Porto2249.6251.00
* William Hill Online Betting Odds 1 March 2015

All these three clubs have one thing in common:
They can concentrate fully on this year's Champions League campaign and don't have troubles in their domestic leagues. Bayern and Juve will be once again champions of Bundesliga and Serie A early in April. Porto should secure at least the important 2nd Portuguese spot for Champions League 2016 which means direct qualification for group stage.

I'm very confident that at least one out of those three teams will reach the finals which will be played on 6 June 2015 in Berlin.

And maybe - just maybe - the final will be Bayern Munich - Juventus Torino !!!

I have some Italian friends who would certainly like this idea.
But let's don't get too over-optimistic. Speaking about me (I'm German), I would be happy with Bayern Munich - FC Porto as well ... :-)

UEFA Champions League

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