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Torstorps IF
Country: Sweden   League:   Cups:SWCUP
Rating Total:1499.95Rating Home:1449.90Rating Away:1550.00
Torstorps IF is ranked #97 in Sweden and #3104 in Europe.
Teams of same strength are Gedling Town (1499.99) and FK Celik Niksic (1499.83).
Torstorps IF Prediction & Betting Advice
23/08   SWCUP Torstorps IFGIF Sundsvall
Opening Odds Rating (OO) -17.97 (9.50) -17.97 (1.16)
First Odds Move
Dropping Odds
Available Odds Rating (AO) -17.97 (9.50) -17.97 (1.16)
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Odds Calculator 7.28 Fair 1.34 Fair
Team Ratings (H/A) 1485.84 1779.27
No Cup Influence
Form Last 3 Games 0 P., 0:0 1 P., 2:6

Prediction: 3/10 2/10
Torstorps IF (1485.84) is underdog against GIF Sundsvall (1779.27) according to ratings from last round.

Betting Tip:
No Bet!
Fair Odds seem to be Torstorps IF (7.28) and GIF Sundsvall (1.34).
Torstorps IF is underrated by bookmakers.

  Matches Torstorps IF 1 X 2 Odds Home/Away Res.
Torstorps IF - GIF Sundsvall9.507.251.169.50

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