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Sweden 1st Division Norra Ratings
1.Västeras SK FKSW3N1818.40
2.Syrianska FCSW3N1796.00
3.Umeå FCSW3N1714.39
4.Carlstad United BKSW3N1706.09
5.Akropolis IFSW3N1700.36
6.FC Linköping CitySW3N1675.85
7.Sandvikens IFSW3N1670.88
8.Sollentuna United FFSW3N1653.88
9.Karlslunds IF HFKSW3N1621.53
10.Nyköpings BISSW3N1600.74
11.Rynninge IK ÖrebroSW3N1578.59
12.Assyriska FFSW3N1575.97
13.BK Forward ÖrebroSW3N1568.55
14.Team ThorenSW3N1534.07
15.Skelleftea FFSW3N1516.40
16.Syrianska Botkyrka IFSW3N1386.82
Leagues Average Rating
3.1st Division Norra1632.41
4.1st Division Södra1627.20
5.2nd Division Norra Götaland1474.65
6.2nd Division Norra Svealand1432.95
7.2nd Division Västra Götaland1431.80
8.2nd Division Norrland1424.36
9.2nd Division Södra Svealand1404.80
10.2nd Division Östra Götaland1395.21

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Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds. This rating list shows strength rated by bookmakers.
If you believe a team is underrated, you should back it.
If you believe a team is overrated, you should lay it.
Available Odds
Sweden 1st Division NorraSweden 1st Division Norra1X2
22/09 11SW3NSandvikens IF - Skelleftea FF1.404.605.50
22/09 31SW3NRynninge IK Örebro - Akropolis IF2.503.702.25
22/09 -19SW3NSollentuna United FF - Karlslunds IF HFK 1.913.503.30
22/09 -18SW3NNyköpings BIS - BK Forward Örebro 2.103.752.70
23/09 8SW3NCarlstad United BK - Syrianska FC2.803.502.15
23/09 -11SW3NAssyriska FF - Västeras SK FK

Ratings are based on previous 1x2 odds. Bet home win with negative numbers, away win with positive numbers.
 Rising Odds      Dropping Odds
Bold Team has higher odds than in rounds before.
 Advice: We always suggest a bet on bold teams.
 Team has lower odds than in rounds before.
  Ratings influenced by recent cup games
     Advised bet on bold team.

Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds and show strength rated by bookmakers.

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