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Kazakhstan Super League Ratings
1.FC Kairat AlmatyKZ11986.43
2.FK AstanaKZ11978.03
3.Tobol KostanayKZ11892.48
4.Ordabasy ShymkentKZ11851.45
5.Kaisar KyzylordaKZ11776.15
6.Zhetysu TaldykorganKZ11774.25
7.Irtysh PavlodarKZ11743.15
8.Shakhtyor KaragandaKZ11725.56
9.FK Kyzylzhar PetropavlovskKZ11723.58
10.FC OkzhetpesKZ11669.62
11.FC TarazKZ11594.83
12.FK Kaspyi AktauKZ11557.62
Leagues Average Rating
1.Super League1772.76

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Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds. This rating list shows strength rated by bookmakers.
If you believe a team is underrated, you should back it.
If you believe a team is overrated, you should lay it.
Available Odds
Kazakhstan Super LeagueKazakhstan Super League1X2
18/09 -7KZ1FC Okzhetpes - FK Kaspyi Aktau
19/09 18KZ1FC Taraz - Zhetysu Taldykorgan3.103.102.15
20/09 -32
KZ1FK Astana - Shakhtyor Karaganda 1.533.605.50
20/09 -30
KZ1FK Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk - FC Kairat Almaty
20/09 17
KZ1Kaisar Kyzylorda - Ordabasy Shymkent2.652.952.55

Ratings are based on previous 1x2 odds. Bet home win with negative numbers, away win with positive numbers.
 Rising Odds      Dropping Odds
Bold Team has higher odds than in rounds before.
 Advice: We always suggest a bet on bold teams.
 Team has lower odds than in rounds before.
  Ratings influenced by recent cup games
     Advised bet on bold team.

Ratings are calculated by converting bookmakers odds and show strength rated by bookmakers.

Top Players ∅ 72∅  MP/GP
#1 Stas Pokatilov (GK)655/0FC Kairat Almaty
#2 Pablo Fontanello (DF)709/0Ordabasy Shymkent
#3 Dmitri Shomko (DF)707/0FK Astana
#4 Rade Dugalic (DF)698/1FC Kairat Almaty
#5 Aybol Abiken (MF)656/2FC Kairat Almaty
#6 Ivan Maevskiy (MF)667/0FK Astana
#7 May Mahlangu (MF)679/0Ordabasy Shymkent
#8 A. Diakhate (MF)717/2Ordabasy Shymkent
#9 Vagner Love (ST)804/2FC Kairat Almaty
#10 Joao Paulo (ST)829/5Ordabasy Shymkent
#11 Marin Tomasov (ST)846/1FK Astana
Super League
Injuries & Suspensions
Susp. Inj.MPGPMatch
1.FK Kyzylzhar PetropavlovskLWL0   0000
2.Kaisar Kyzylorda LWL0   0000
3.FC Kairat Almaty WWW0   0000
4.FK AstanaWDL0   0000
5.Ordabasy ShymkentWLL0   0000
6.Shakhtyor Karaganda DWL0   0000
7.Irtysh PavlodarDLW0   0000
8.Zhetysu TaldykorganWWL0   0000
9.FC OkzhetpesLWL0   0000
10.FC Taraz DDL0   0000
11.FK Kaspyi Aktau LWL0   1600
12.Tobol KostanayLWL0   1710

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